St. Louis Project Update


It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since we have been in our new church. God has truly blessed our community. We have seen a wedding, a few baptisms and a couple of funerals take place in this church in the past year. We also hosted the Ecumenical Good Friday Community Service here this year.

We are thankful to all those who made it possible with your monetary donations, donation of your time and talents as volunteers during construction time and are still doing so as we continue to continue with completion works. 

I would like to say a special thank you to Charlotte (Char) Kerelko, who served as chairperson for the Building Committee . Because of health issues she had to move with her husband, Dan, to Villa Vista in Cromwell. Thank you Char for all that you have done during the planning and construction of this church. May God bless you and your family.

I would like to say 'Thank You' especially to Phil Romanek for his generosity. When we found ourselves pinned to a wall and were not getting the loan we needed from the bank to begin the work on our new church, he came forward with a generous offer allowing the community to borrow from his retirement interest free. I know it is a year late, but thank you Phil. God bless you!

We continue to thank God for blessing our community with the means and with the generosity of others who helped to bring us to this point. Let us continue to trust in His Divine Providence that what He allowed us to do so far we will bring to completing through his help.

New additions

Since the last update we have added these to our new building:

  • We put a canopy over the main entrance of the building (south side) and added concrete platforms at every entrance and emergency exit.sidewalk work
  • We submitted a plan for the kitchen to the State and it was approved. We finished tiling the kitchen floor and bought some appliances - freezer, refrigerator, stainless steel shelves, counters, oven. A commercial food mixer was also donated by a parishioner.
  • We had our bells installed and they are ringing again as a witness to the whole community.
  • We have put in the sidewalks infront of the church and got the whole south-side parking blacktopped and put some steps at the back ally entrance. Thanks to all those who came out to volunteer their time when we poured concrete for the sidewalks and the handicap parkings.

More Urgent Needs

  • Continue to work on completing the kitchen.
  • Reducing our debt. As of August 1st we have $78,932.42 left to pay back on the loan.

Projects for the future

  • Air handler unit for the air exchange system and for future air conditioning if needed
  • Steeple (a parishioner has already donated $2,000 towards this project)
  • Landscaping
  • Stained glass inserts for the windows in the worship area

Fund Raising

We continue with the "That's My Tile" drive. We sell 8"x 8" tiles for $150 for memorials or for any occasion you would like us to pray for. These tiles are displayed on the "Memorial Wall" in the social hall in the new building. A Mass is offered on the last Sunday of every month for all the intentions that are mentioned on the tiles. To place an order for a tile please contact the parish office.

Monthly basket raffles are drawn at the end of Mass of the last Sunday of each month. Proceeds are for the building and for our youth. The donor of the basket will decide where to designate the proceeds.

If you wish to make a donation to the building fund please make the checks payable to St. Louis Church Building Fund.